Find and join a place (business, group, school)


You can use our extended search tools which are located in the search bar at the top of the page to find a place such as; a business, group or school.

  • Search by name

In the search bar you can search the name of a place that you are interested in.  In response you will be given a list of results including any matching organizations with basic information about each of them, such as their address and other members' reviews.

  • Search by keyword

You can type in a keyword in the search bar, for instance, "tennis",  and the result list will bring up all the services related to "tennis". They can be tennis educational programs, tennis apparel stores, tennis players associations, etc. Under all of the organizations, there will be a sticker indicating which category or categories this particular organization falls under: "Educational",  "Store", "association". Let's assume you are interested in an tennis educational program for your child. Now you can narrow down your search to only educational organizations by clicking on "educational' sticker under an organization with its category in your existing result list.


Notice that there are a few tabs available in the search result: places, events, groups and school. Your general search result is shown in the "Places" tab, however, you can view all of the events related to your request in the "Events" tab.  In our example using "tennis" your search can be a sporting event such as an upcoming tennis match of a local team or a tennis club open house day. You can view and join any event you would like.


In the "Groups" tab you will find the list of all groups our users have created related to your search request. 


In this tab the search result will show all of the schools related to your search request. 


You can join a place such as a business, group, or school through the search results page, or by clicking “Join” after you have reviewed their information on the landing page (to visit their landing page just click on the name of an organization on the search result page). On the landing page you have the opportunity to contact the group administrator directly in case you have any questions.

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