Create subgroups

To help you structure your business, we introduced subgroups to our platform. A subgroup is a sub section of a business. Depending on your organizational needs you can create of different types of subgroups :

  • association
  • classroom
  • committee
  • group

To create a subgroup, find the blue "Management" button on the right hand side of your businesses main page, click the icon next to it and choose "Add subgroup" from the drop-down menu. In the new window give your subgroup a name, choose its type, indicate a school year and briefly describe it. Then click "Submit".

Your subgroup will have all of the same features that the social wall on the main page has.

You can fully customize each of your subgroups in the same way as you would with the main group by using the "Management" section. 

You might want to change the cover image of your subgroup. To do that simply navigate the cursor to the top area of the page where your business location is shown on the map upon which the blue "Change cover" button will appear. Click the button, choose a picture on your computer to upload, crop it and hit the "Save as profile picture".

You have the same options o invite new members to your subgroup as you do on your business business page. For details, go to Invite new members.


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