General posts

The main page of any business holds the same functions that social wall does where you can start and hold conversations, ask questions, post photos, and share information or pictures with other users.  Here you can post to the general public within the group or by gender for any gender specific questions or comments.

Categories posts

In addition to this, category posts are also published to this wall. A category is a subgroup without a web page. It is there mainly for the purpose of leading a group dialogue. You and other members can only be invited to a category by the business owner or administrator. If you are invited, you will receive a notification of it. In order to join a category, go to the notification and accept the invitation to the category by clicking the "Join" button.

All of the messages that the category members exchange will be visible on the social wall to only them. The category's posts will be marked with the color the business owner or administrator assigned to it while creating it.

E-mail notifications

Business page administrators have the option of sending members e-mail notifications of any posts they publish on the social wall. Once you have received an e-mail notifying you of a new post on the social wall made by the administrator, you have two options to reply the new post:

  • you can reply via e-mail
  • you can follow the link provided in the e-mail which will take you to the social wall itself where the post was made and you can reply to it right there.

After that your comment will be published on the wall.  Be aware that now other members will receive an e-mail notification about your comment on the wall.  In addition to this you will also receive a similar e-mail notifying you of another member's comment on the administrator's post.

You can manage your e-mail subscription and receive a summary e-mail report either once a day, once week or you do not have to be subscribed to them at all. For information go to the Manage Your E-Mail Subscription section of this guide.




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