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By default all posts you make on the social wall go directly to members by e-mail. To disable this function, uncheck the check box which sits directly to the left of the "Send by mail" section below the field where you create a post.

Once members have received an e-mail with your post, they can reply to it via e-mail or they can go to it through the link in the e-mail and reply to your post directly on the social wall. 

 To help you identify which posts were made by e-mail and which by web, there is a special icon opposite the name of the user who replied by e-mail.

Members also receive e-mails with all the comments on your post published both by you or other members who take part in the thread you created.

You get informed about all members' comments on your post by e-mail. 

You and your members are able to manage e-mail subscriptions. To do this, click on the icon next to the "Management" button and pick the "Manage e-mail subscription" option from the drop-down menu. On the new page you can choose among the four subscription options:

  1. receive an e-mail as soon as the event occurs
  2. receive an e-mail summary report every day
  3. receive e-mail summary report once a week
  4. do not receive any e-mail notifications


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