Manage members

In the “Manage members” section you can search and view all group members as well as non members and their statuses. You are able to search by user name and/or by category.

Here you can grant and revoke administrative rights to selected group members. In order to do that, tick the checkbox to the right of the member name and hit the “Make Admin” button on top of the members list.

In the “Manage members" section you can also suspend, delete members and send them both individual and group messages.

In the “Requests" tab you can view people who have sent you a request to join the group. You have a choice of either accepting or denying their request.

In the “Suspended" tab you can view members who were suspended from the group by you. Here you have the option of resuming their membership. In order to do that, check the checkbox to the right of their name and click the "Resume Membership” button on top of the suspended members list.

You can invite new members to your group in the “Manage Members” section. Click the blue button “Invite members”, and in the new pop up window you will have two options -you can either enter e-mail addresses of people you want to join your group (convenient for inviting non registered users) or you can choose users from the list of your existing connections.

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